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04 abril 2011



01.- Parada De Tettas
02.- To Brazil
03.- Up And Down
04.- We Like To Party
05.- Boom Boom Boom Boom
06.- We're Going To Ibiza
07.- Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)
08.- Shalala Lala
09.- Uncle John From Jamaica
10.- Megamix
11.- Cheekah Bow Bow
12.- Forevers As One
13.- Rocket To Uranus
14.- Up And Down Extended Mix
15.- Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) (Hitradio XXL Club Edit)
16.- Live In India
17.- We like to Party (Live in Valtifest)
18.- We're Going to Ibiza (Live in Valtifest)
19.- We Like To Party & Boom Boom feat. Aux Raus (Live)
20.- Rocket To Uranus (Live VTM) 


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