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06 agosto 2010

Andrea Bocelli - Tuscan Skies (2001)

01. Opening Sequence (London Concert)
02. Melodramma (The Home Coming)
03. Il Mistero Dell' Amore (A Boyhood Dream)
04. L'Incontro (The First Encounter)
05. L'Ultimo Re (The Last King)
06. L'Abitudine (Recording Session Featuring Helena)
07. Resta Qui (Stay With Me)
08. Mille Lune Mille Onde (A Thousand Caresses)
09. Mascagni (Dedicated to the People and Spirits of the Sea)
10. Tornere la Neve (Returning to Calm)
11. E Sara' a Settembre (The Last Dance)
12. E Mi Manchi Tu (And I Miss You)
13. End Credits
+ Bonus


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