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25 diciembre 2009

Mick Jagger - The Very Best Of

01. Interview with Mick Jagger (2007)
02. God Gave Me Everything (Mick Jagger/Lenny Kravitz) 2001
03. Just Another Night (Mick Jagger) 1985
04. Sweet Thing (Mick Jagger) 1993
05. Let's Work (Mick Jagger/David A. Stewart) 1987
06. Lucky In Love (Mick Jagger/Carlos Alomar) 1985
07. Don't Tear Me Up (Mick Jagger) 1993
08. Dancing In The Street (with David Bowie)
(Ivy Jo Hunter/William Stevenson/Marvin Gaye) 1985
09. Joy (Mick Jagger) (Except from the documentary "Being Mick)
with Bono 2001
10. (You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back
(Smokey Robinson/Ronnie White) (Saturday Night Live 1978)
Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger


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