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30 septiembre 2009

Ringo Star - And His All Star Band (2008)

  1. "It Don't Come Easy"
  2. "The No-No Song" (Hoyt Axton/David Jackson)
  3. "Iko Iko" (Rosa Lee Hawkins/Barbara Ann Hawkins/Joan Marie Johnson/James Crawford) 
  4. "The Weight
  5. "Shine Silently" - (Nils Lofgren/Dick Wagner)
  6. "Honey Don't"
  7. "You're Sixteen" (Bob Sherman/Dick Sherman) 
  8. "Quarter To Three" (Frank Guida/Eugene Barge/Joseph Royster/Gary Anderson) 
  9. "Raining In My Heart" 
  10. "Will It Go Round In Circles" 
  11. "Life In The Fast Lane
  12. "Photograph"


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